Walmart Brand Spray Paint Review

By on February 23, 2014
Walmart Spray Paint

I typically don’t use the Walmart brand of Spray Paint, otherwise known as ColorPlace but I really wanted to at least give it a fair chance instead of just always recommending to stay away from cheap paint. I completed my latest furniture painting project using some of this paint and I think I’m ready to give my honest opinion on the item.

Dry Time

The dry time on this paint was very good. In fact by the time I finished painting the project I was working on, from one end to the other, I could come back around to the end I started on and it was dry to the touch already.


Coverage was another story. This paint worked more like colored water than good paint. I typically do very thin coats as it is when I spray paint, but this almost forced me to. While I would normally do my first thin layer and call it a first coat, with this paint, it was so thin that I actually went over it several times in the same spot, but still considered it a first coat. The other problem I had with the cover was due to how thin and watery the paint was, I had drips. This drives me nuts and kept happening. I’ve not had this with other brands, unless I just stayed in one spot too long, but I just couldn’t control that with this paint.

Ease of Use

This paint, while I finished my project, was not user friendly at all. I had purchased 5 cans total hoping I could use the extra paint to work with some accessory pieces, but as it turned out, two of the cans of spray paint wouldn’t even paint. When I pushed down on the nozzle, the liquid paint just sort of sputtered out. It was a mess. With the other 3 that I did get to work, I had to press down so hard and on a tiny little nozzle with no real room for comfort, that after just one can of spray paint, my fingers were sore and I had a throbbing pain down my wrist due to the amount of pressure. I ended up alternating between hands and also had to use my thumbs at one point just to finish the project. Due to the bad design of the nozzle I also had lots of splatter issues I had to clean up on my project and my hands were covered in dripping paint from the nozzle.


The color selection for this spray paint was decent but not great. I went in looking for a deep red that would look good when I added black glaze to the finish and the one I found fit the bill. There were two different shades of red but many other paint choices at my disposal. Like all spray paints, it was somewhat limited in various tones of course, but it wasn’t a total bad selection.


You would think with these dollar cans of paint I should put a high value on the price. The problem is, can it really be considered a good price if the paint is as miserable as this product was? I don’t think so. Sorry folks at Walmart, but even with a dollar price tag, this was not a good price or value at all.


I actually had hoped that this paint would surprise me. Sadly, it did not. I would never purchase this paint again and would most definitely not recommend anyone buy it. I won’t even include a link to it…I thought it was that bad.


Review Score
  • Dry Time
  • Coverage
  • Ease of Use
  • Color Selection
  • Price and Value

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