Plastic Containers for Simple Kid Organization

By on January 28, 2015
Organizing Crayons

Kids and their art. It is all over the place. Not so much the work they create, but they material they use to create it. Crayons, markers, construction paper, stickers, glitter, glue, can be everywhere. Containing it is hard. Organizing it can be harder.

What does this have to do with home interior design or decor? If you’ve ever walked into someone’s house that had “kid clutter” all over, you’ll know exactly how it affects the feel of your home. You work hard to make your home look nice and without good organization, clutter will be everywhere, which can sometimes take away from the look you want to achieve.

Plastic containers are ideal when it comes to kids organization. Here is how I keep my kids art supplies in check and out from under my feet.

Crayons. There are always way too many of them. You go out to eat; they get crayons to color with. Grandparents like to buy them crayons. If you attend book fairs, health fairs or any other kind of fairs they get more crayons. If you have school age kids more crayons come home at the end of the year when they bring their leftover supplies home. They seem to multiply on their own too (I’m pretty sure of this). Let’s face it, those boxes can only handle crayons being pulled in and out so many times before they rip or fall apart. Markers are the same way, although they are not given to kids as much as crayons.

After cleaning up and chasing crayons around the floor that had rolled under washer, dryers and other places that were difficult to get too I decided there had to be a different way. To combat all of the chaos I picked up a few simple containers and set myself to work.

Organizing Crayons

I went through my house looking for every box of crayons and markers I could find. I still can’t believe how many have accumulated. I started unboxing the crayons and dumping them into the container. I did the same for the markers.


This has turned into a space/life/aspirin/pain/hearing saver. They are now all together in one spot. Plus, the kids don’t have to fight over the red or purple crayon/marker because there is more than one in there. The fighting is less and it is more peaceful during art time.

Plastic Contain Organizing

For the construction paper and stickers, they are happily living in the same container since they don’t get used that much. I did separate the stickers into a gallon zip-lock bag to keep them together in case the kids got in there and pulled out.

Plastic Contain Organizing

Everything is living in harmony stacked together on my bakers rack in my kitchen. This gives a nice clean look to my kitchen and decor. You can even buy containers that are colored to match the room you store them in or if you buy clear ones you can buy decals like these fairy decals that match the room decor and design so it all pulls together. The kids are happy they can get to it easily without my help and I am happy I don’t have to crawl around to clean up a mess all the time.

Useful tip: When the crayons get down to the tiny bits that get hard to color with or are broken and kids don’t want to use them anymore, collect those crayons in a zip-lock bag and set them aside until you have a pretty large stack. Then head over to Alisa Burke to learn how to make new crayons out of your old scrappy crayons. Recycling at its finest!

Product Recommendations: Head over to our Amazon store to find some great recommendations for storage containers.

How do you store your kids art supplies like crayons and paints?

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