How Long Do I Have To Wait Before Painting Over Waxed Furniture?

By on April 14, 2015
How Long To Wait Before Painting Over Waxed Furniture

Happy Tuesday to you all! I thought I’d take today’s blog post space and answer a question sent to me via email. This same question has actually been emailed to me several times over the last year so it’s about time I answer it.

“Hey Misty! I saw your dining table makeover and loved it. I recently refinished mine as well in a chalk paint finish and waxed it using the Annie Sloan clear wax. The bad news is, about a day later I changed my mind on the color. Is there a specific length of time I have to wait to repaint it?”

I was in this exact same spot last year after finishing my own dining room table. I changed my mind on the sage green legs and was ready to repaint almost immediately. Since I wasn’t quite sure how long I needed to wait before I could paint again, I did a little research and some experimentation myself, so let me share with you what I know I learned on that project.

After looking online, the bad news is that it really varies depending on the brand. Luckily, most everyone who has asked me is using the Annie Sloan clear wax so it makes my job a little easier in finding the answer.

According to what I could found about Annie Sloan brand wax, it takes 24 hours to dry but another 4 to 6 weeks to fully harden and cure. At this point you could paint right over your wax and chalk paint and begin the process all over again without doing any further prep work on the piece. Having said that, I did find more than one DIY blogger who didn’t wait and painted in as few as 2 days, which is well before curing and they didn’t seem to have any negative results. I’m a bit nervous about that so I’d personally wait for it to cure if you don’t want to do any prep work.

So what’s a girl to do if your impatient and don’t want to wait for it to fully cure?

Grab yourself some steel wool (00-0000) or you could even use a green scotchbrite pad along with some mineral spirits and have at it. Since my wax finish was only about a week old when I redid my paint job, I just gave it a light scrubbing with the steel wool and most of the wax came right off with the mineral spirits.

Once it’s all removed let it sit for 24 hours to allow to be completely dry before refinishing with your new paint. After waiting 24 hours on my piece I simply whipped up another batch of chalk paint, this time in the color I wanted and reapplied it to the legs and side of my table. Once that was dry I gave it another coat of my clear wax and I’m right back to where I was.

So the answer to all who are asking is that yes, it’s possible to repaint almost immediately if you’re willing to do a little work to remove the uncured wax or you can just wait out the 4-6 weeks and paint it at that time.

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