Best Electric Power Sander for Refinishing Furniture

By on February 7, 2014
Best Electric Sander

If you do quite a bit of furniture finishing, you may start to get a bit tired of sanding all of your projects by hand. I personally love to use hand held electric power sanders on large surfaces of my furniture and just use the sanding sponges or sanding blocks for corners or hard to reach areas. Electric sanderss make the job fast and they do a really good job of smoothing out surfaces.

What type of electric sander is the best for furniture refinishing? The answer to that can be pretty specific to you based on your preference and what you typically work on the most. You really only need one or two sanders in your inventory to handle just about any job (ok I’m spoiled and have three). Of course, if you want some recommendations check out my list below.

DEWALT D26441K 2.4-AMP Orbital 1/4-Sheet Sander

An orbital sander is usually one of the first sanders many DIY’ers pick up for themselves. It certainly was my first one. This one is super easy to control, grips easily in your hand (even for us ladies with smaller hands) and overall does a fantastic job on my furniture projects. This Dewalt sander also has a dust bag in the back that will collect your dust for you while you work. Don’t forget to pick up the precut 1/4 sander sheets for this sander while you’re at it.


DEWALT D26456 5-Inch Low Profile Random Orbit Sander

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a fan of Dewalt. This electric random orbit sander does a fantastic job on large area surfaces. If you have a big project this sander is your answer. It has a dustless feature that allows you to hook it up to a shop vac, which can really save your lungs after awhile. I still recommend wearing a safety mask for good measure, but this really cuts it back. The other great thing about this sander is that it’s quite compact, with a very low profile which allows you to get into some of the smaller spaces that you might experience with furniture, like inner shelves. Do keep in mind however, that an orbit sander is a little harder to control than an orbital sander (the one with the square bottom) For $100 or lower, you can’t beat this sander for your furniture sanding projects.


Black & Decker BDCDMT120 20-volt Matrix Drill

You might be wondering why I’ve listed a drill on my list of sanders. This drill is not just a drill. What I love about this little system is that the base Matrix comes with a drill attachment, however, this little tool has attachments for a variety of home improvement needs. I personally started off with the sander attachment and the jig saw attachment, two things I know I would use the most. The fact that this item is modular makes it perfect for my needs since I try to do many things around the house. I’ve used this on some smaller projects and it’s pretty handy for getting into corners or smaller places. I really enjoy using this tool and the results are fantastic. I think my next attachment will be the trim saw attachment: how cool is that?

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